I.C.H.O.R. Trust

(I)nfinite (C)ovenant for (H)uman rights, (O)bligations and (R)eparation





Rights are clearly property and possessions. Under English Common Law I may do as I please and that means I may trade my rights for as much as my imagination sees fit so long as I exercise a duty of care. I exercise my duty of care by application of the ICHOR TRUST COVENANT. Pursuant to Curry v Misa (1875)”…some right .. “being tradable property, Metropolitan Asylum District v. Hill (1881) 6 App. Cas. 193;42 Digest 7051222 Per Lord Blackburn “An Act is not in the absence of clear language to be construed as taking away property without compensation, and on those who seek to establish that the legislature intended to take away the private rights of individuals lies the burden of showing that such intention appears by express words or necessary implication.” When rights are protected by the sanctity of contract the necessary implication is that it takes IMPERATIVE WORDS OF EXPRESS MEANING BEYOND ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER IN PRIMARY LEGISLATION to take away the rights in question. Metropolitan Asylum District v Hill (1881) 6 App. Cas. 193;42 Digest 7051222 also states, “Where the terms of a statute are not imperative, but permissive, the fair inference is that the legislature intended the discretion as to the use of the general powers thereby conferred, should be exercised in strict conformity with private rights.” My view is further supported by Carlil v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co, Ltd., (1893) and Allen v. Gulf Oil Refining Ltd. (1981). Further, taking into consideration Blade v Higgs (1881) 10CBNS 713, the Theft Act 1968 s2b …rights being…..intangible property and an attempt to defeat the ICHOR TRUST being an attempt to defeat a trust according to the Theft Act 1968 and the COVENANT as stated below invoking the sanctity of contract. Maintaining the sanctity of contract is the supreme public interest and supreme public policy consideration because all global trade depends on maintaining the sanctity of contract and not bringing the sanctity of contract into question







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