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In relation to the contrary to words that make a nonsense of the wording on the purported summonses I have received I would like to refer the Court to the quotes in the well-known book on contract law - Chitty on contract states under special meaning of words and I quote:”It has already been stated that words must be understood in their plain and ordinary sense. In those cases where they are to be understood in a special sense extrinsic evidence is admissible to prove the special sense. Thus evidence may be called to explain technical terms of science or art, to explain contemporary meanings of words of an ancient document and to translate a document in a foreign language. Extrinsic evidence is also admissible to show that words have by custom or usage a peculiar sense.” End of quote. Therefore, any plea of guilty or not guilty must in reality mean the opposite of whatever one states because pleading guilty or not guilty to having acted contrary to what follows contrary to inverts what one actually states.

Therefore, I hereby request the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police to show me the evidence they rely on for changing the Common Law meaning of contrary to into something that would make logical sense in a Summons and I will only go without being shown that authority in consideration of the ICHOR Trust Covenant.

Therefore, in consideration of the ICHOR Trust Covenant and your knowledge of it as laid before this Court, I request this Court honours my contractual right to be shown the exact words in an Act of Parliament that must be relied on by those purporting to have AN HONEST BELIEF in their authority to appropriate a Defendants right to insist on the Common Law meaning of words and phrases.

If members of the Court think I may not contract with the Court then Please show me the authority you rely on.

Because peoples rights are their property protected by law from serious damage by terrorists and other criminals therefore only a criminal would object to a person requesting to be shown authority a citizen has a right to be shown after a Citizen has been invited to attend Court by the present wording of NIP’s and Summonses. Therefore, we will assume unless the Court shows us authority to the contrary that those who cannot either produce their authorities or do not admit they do not exist within 40 days from today shall then be indebted to the ICHOR Trust in accordance with the ICHOR Trust Covenant and that we shall remain within the law in exercising recaption of our property in any way we see fit.

The ICHOR Trust Covenant paragraph 3 subparagraph (O) having been accepted by performance by the PM and the Queen makes lie detectors and deception technology now part of UK Law even without the targets consent.

Finally, without prejudice to the above I request that this matter be thrown out or the hearing adjourned for the Court to await the decision of the ECHR case of Francis v UK Government heard on 27 September 2006 as well as for the Police to provide all the evidence upon which they must rely in relation to all

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