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time and within 40 days if the body asked to produce it has knowledge of the ICHOR Trust Covenant.

Now that we have knowledge that the phrase contrary to is a Common Law NONSENSICAL contradiction no Citizen can be legally obliged to go along with what twisted professional lawyers dogmatically claim by SATANIC RITUAL INCANTATION means THE OPPOSITE TO WHAT IT STATES and most certainly not at their own expense. Therefore, until those relying on the phrase contrary to produce, from the body or bodies responsible for instructing printers and or in the alternative publishers of NIPs and Summonses, an Act of Parliament that changes the Common Law meaning of contrary to into something that would make sense in an NIP or Summons, a Citizen cannot make a sensible and or logical plea in response other than to say no case in law to answer because the words used make a Common Law nonsense of any case against anyone.

Professionals must know the whereabouts of authorities they rely on especially when their words make Common Law nonsense.

. A Common Law nonsense only capable of a legalistic interpretation that makes no sense to a layman is clearly contrary to Common Law and is also a breach of a right to a duty of care because if words do not mean what they say then they are meaningless and may mean one thing to one person and something else to another and may not make any sense to others. To exercise a right to request authority for a professional meaning of words is a tradable right.

We are all duty bound to protect the Sanctity of contract upon which all global trade depends including our trade of protecting people’s Rights that can only be objected to by those misled into thinking their business was making legitimate profits but, now have to pay for damaging other peoples rights not to be affect by another business at their own expense.

We are all duty bound to repair this contrary to nonsense and all other attempts of theft by fraud and deception of authority. Only an Act of Parliament given full and proper Royal Assent according to English Common Law can take away any persons right to invoke the sanctity of contract in the form of the ICHOR Trust Covenant as I and all other beneficiaries of the ICHOR Trust have done to protect our right to our fee for our going without our right to be shown authorities relied on by those who must rely on them according to law as evidence of their authority to affect Citizens’ in any way shape or form at the Citizen’s own expense.

A Summons is a Common Law document that must make Common Law sense to laymen because laymen are not legally trained to understand legal professional jargon. I am again referring to the contrary to wording on summonses that in Common Law English means the opposite of according to what follows.


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