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of propositions that cannot both be true, though they may both be false noun the opposite: the opposite of something Actually, the contrary is true. [13th century. Via Anglo-Norman contrarie from Latin contrarius , from contra “against.”] contrary to differently from on or to the contrary quite the reverse is true

We have been advised by a Home Office spokesmen that the Court needs to find the body responsible for the wording and forms and their authority for the wording on both NIPs and Summonses because to attempt to prosecute anyone for doing something contrary to what follows contrary to, which is in itself unlawful, is not a crime.

Contrary to, as used in NIPs and Summonses, when one understands its strict and literal meaning is an impossible inversion of reality to answer with anything other than no case in law to answer. It is impossible to plead innocent or guilty because as a matter of fact any plea is automatically and immediately inverted due to its relationship with the phrase contrary to as stated in both NIPs and Summonses. IN PLAIN ENGLISH; to make a plea such as innocent or guilty, to being charged with what follows contrary to, would in reality mean the opposite to what one states with our knowledge of the strict and literal meaning of what is stated on NIPs and Summonses.

Every Citizen has a right that is also a duty they are bound to by a duty of care to past, present and future generations to stand on all their rights to have technically correct strict and literal Common Law meaning of English words and phrases protected by our offer headed the ICHOR Trust Covenant. Failure by Citizens to exercise their duty of care leads to pollution of mind, body and planet by fraud and corruption of authority.

Those who attempt to cover up a lack of authority in order to maintain the balance of power CAN ONLY BE DOING SO in favour of an unauthorised and criminal ruling class hierarchical terrorist mentality CONTRARY to the Democratic and tradable rights of people living in a democracy.

Those who corrupt the law by fraud and or in the alternative deception of authority always remain liable for the full cost of their corruption to future generations.

There is no logic in knowingly and deliberately continuing to aid and abet criminal terrorist in government that steal Citizens’ Rights. Criminal terrorists who commit theft by deception of authority will soon regret having done so as the accelerating affect of knowledge and emerging deception technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence(AI) will prove according to the rules of the game of business that no one can CONTINUE TO INHERIT OR RETAIN unjust enrichment and unjust power IN WHATEVER FORM OF PROPERTY IT TAKES because, wrongdoers are CLEARLY EXPOSING themselves to honourable people by finding it impossible to produce authority they must rely on and therefore know the whereabouts of AND MUST BE ABLE TO SHOW US WITHIN 40 DAYS in order FOR THEM to CONTINUE to have an HONEST BELIEF IN THE EXISTANCE OF THAT AUTHORITY according to laws on theft AND FOR PROFESSIONALS TO CLAIM IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE.

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