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Evidence of Corruption is made manifestly obvious because the corrupt have a tendency to look at things back to front, in other words they invert reality to suit their dogma. Evidence of inversion by the dogs of dogma that causes them brain damage is explained as follows:-

No one can reasonably be expected to understand the logical consequences of making any plea to being prosecuted for having done something contrary to what follows contrary to. This is best explained with the specific example. I have been charged with the alleged crime of carrying out an act contrary to the stated law. The law states what we cannot do. An act contrary to what we cannot do must be lawful and therefore not a crime, so how can I possibly plead?

Surely, if on the level field of the Common Law anyone may do as they please until someone builds a mountain and then claims we may not climb it. Then, the law so made is according to what the man on the mountain said, not contrary to it and the will of the man on the mountain is only enforceable if the man on the mountain has authority and sufficient power to make others walk around his mountain AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. Otherwise, we may ignore the man on the mountain because he had no right to build it and thus, we may walk over his mountain whilst charging the man on the mountain a fee he could never afford to pay simply for changing our environment.

Knowingly and deliberately fundamentally and extremely corrupt.

It may be that in the above example the wording on the summons and notices of prosecution should state ‘pursuant to’ or ‘in accordance with’ or similar, but clearly NOT contrary to.


I could be accused by present and future generations of aiding and abetting fraud and corruption based terrorism aimed at denying people their rights simply if I were to neglect to request the statutory authorities the Court must rely on and therefore be able to show me within 40 days in order for the Court to have an honest belief in its authority to accept a change in the Common Law meaning of Contrary to into something that would make sense in a Summons and Notice of Intended Prosecution as well as showing me the level of authority they need to take away my tradable right to enforce my fee for doing or suffering anything I am not legaly obliged to do or suffer at my own expense.

Contrary to means the opposite of according to. In the Encarta on-line dictionary it is defined as follows:

con•trar•y [ kón trèrree ] adjective 1. conflicting: not at all in agreement with something Such arrangements were contrary to his moral code. 2. opposite: opposite in direction 3. obstructing or hindering progress: making forward motion extremely hard slowed by contrary winds 4. deliberately disobedient: wilfully disobedient or uncooperative a contrary child 5. logic unable to be true at once: used to describe a pair

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