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House Keeping or Corruption.
Is it a knowing and deliberate fraud on a duty of care by a deception of authority to change the Common Law meaning of contrary to into according to without authority?

There are some house keeping issues that need addressing in relation to the wording on Summons and Notices of Intended Prosecution in order to prevent what may be a mistake becoming a knowing and deliberate twist in the law designed to support an ancient historical view of the Crown as head of state that if now held within a Democracy may lead to an illegal and criminal inversion of the Law by the corrupt turned terrorists attempting to retain unjust enrichment and power contrary to the Sovereign and tradable rights of people in Democracies.

As the trustee has spoken to the DCA (Department For Constitutional Affairs) about this contrary to nonsense it is now becoming clear that the Crown Prosecution Service will find it impossible to produce any authority for changing the Common Law meaning of contrary to into something that would make sense in an NIP or Summons because we have a perfectly adequate phrase namely; “According to”. If the Crown Prosecution Service cannot prove its authority for changing the common law meaning of contrary to into something that would make sense in a summons then it too is guilty of theft of our Common Law right to have words given their Common Law English meaning which means the Crown Prosecution Service is pretending to have authority it does not have. Because, pretence in this context is deception then the Crown Prosecution Service will also be guilty of a fraud on a duty of care because they really do not care if they talk nonsense and recklessly continue to allow people accused of allegations to make pleadings of innocent or guilty when in reality the wording on Summonses puts juries, judges and the accused in an extremely and fundamentally impossibly expensive situation to rectify other than by quashing all convictions and starting again and the corrupt must be forced to pay for their corruption out of their own pockets.

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