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(I)nfinite (C)ovenant for (H)uman rights, (O)bligations and (R)eparation




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tradable property and tradable possessions. The implications for corrupt capitalists is clear and of no concern to me.

No at his own expense authority has been found by the ICHOR Trust in any Act of Parliament other than the Copyright Act 1911. When the trustee or beneficiaries of the ICHOR Trust ask authorities to show where it states any body must do or suffer anything AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE no body natural and or in the alternative corporate have ever complied with their duty and obligation to show any AT HIS OWN EXPENSE authority in any primary statute and have to date failed to admit the truth within the generous 40 day time scale beneficiaries of the ICHOR Trust allow to avoid liability for our offer. None the less, only a primary statutory authority in the form of an Act of Parliament which when given a strict and literal reading and full and proper Royal Assent with financial provision has authority to take away any individuals right to offer to contract in consideration of the ICHOR Trust Covenant as stated below for doing or suffering anything any body may not wish to do or suffer AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. There are now questions raised by the world famous archaeologist Tony Robinson over the legitimacy of our purportedly Royal Family and, therefore, Royal Assent for an Act of Parliament. I believe exercising a duty of care in this case means the Queen should have a genetic test to prove she is of Royal blood which would not in any event make any difference to the tradable rights of ICHOR Trust beneficiaries.


If the Law Society, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Courts, the Police, the Department for Constitutional Affairs and others now with vicarious liability for the ICHOR trust covenant are incapable of producing authorities they must in law rely on then, continuing to prosecute people for alleged speeding offences must be a knowing and deliberate theft by deception of authority and may then also be a fraud on a duty of care which unravels everything flowing from the fraud because fraud unravels everything.

In plain English fines for allegedly exceeding speed limits must be refunded together with compensation for damages because even people who plead guilty can only be doing so because they are in terrorum (in terror) and thus, under the duress of being fined even more by people damaging their rights, rights being property and possessions. And due to the class system people most likely to be beguiled by the corrupt are the least well educated and least well motivated.

According to terrorist legislation those who threaten to seriously damage property or who actually damage property are terrorists. See the Terrorist Act 2001 bearing in mind that rights are property and, therefore, rights are the possessions of those to whom the rights belong then Human Rights Article 1 protocol 1 is also an effective means of appeal in my this case, if it comes to it.

To attempt to ignore the fact that my Human Rights are my property and possessions when protected by the ICHOR Trust Covenant as stated below and published at www.ichortrust.co.uk makes no difference to the fact that the ICHOR Trust Covenant is legally enforceable by necessary and unavoidable force.

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