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a fair hearing. The European Court has held that a fair hearing includes giving reasons for the decision. (Hadjianastassion v Greece (1992) 16 E.H.R.R. 219. It also includes the concepts of equality of arms and the right against self- incrimination.

I would remind this Court of the fact that the rights of those invited to Court are constitutional. In Watkins V Secretary of State for the home Department and others July 20th 2004, it was stated that ‘even in our unwritten constitution the right of every citizen to have unimpeded access to a Court must rank as a constitutional right.’ It was also stated that ‘damage is not only pecuniary but an injury imports damage, when a man is thereby hindered of his rights.’

ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) clearly states under article 1 of protocol 1 that individuals have the right to enjoy their possessions. I have been charged with a driving offence which carries a summary penalty. The Police and/ or Authorities that are responsible have not provided any documentation in support of their arguments that is i.e. contrary to means the same thing under Common Law English as According to and the police and/ or Authorities that are responsible have failed to provide the Court with the Home Secretaries conditions for approval, for how the camera must be used. The Police and/ or Authorities that are responsible have not provided any documentation to sustain a claim that my Common Law rights are not my property and not my possessions and that I do not have a right to enjoy my possessions by charging £900 thousand million million for unauthorised and therefore, illegal appropriation of my rights that are my property and my possessions so long as I exercise a Common Law duty of care.

In the theatre people who put money into a show are called angels and we call angels people who help us exercise our rights by becoming beneficiaries of our trust and thereby putting their trust in the ICHOR Trust. We exercise our Common Law duty of care that is a right possessed by all honourable people we affect by allowing them to become a beneficiary of our trust subject to their acceptance by performance of the ICHOR Trust Covenant. On the other hand those who breach our offer also accept our offer unfortunately they become liable to the hosts of their abuse,


The ICHOR Trust was set up by the trustee to protect rights that are also property and the possessions of the person to whom they belong so that all honourable people capable of passing our state of the Art deception tests may offer to trade their rights in consideration of the offer stated below as ICHOR BUSINESS ANGELS and so avoid continuing to suffer at their own expense any breach of any right by any body natural and or in the alternative corporate unless an Act of Parliament given full and proper Royal assent states exactly what must be done and or in the alternative suffered AT HIS OWN EXPENSE. Rights are tradable and therefore, have a greater value than capital because any one may offer to charge much more than any capitalist could afford to pay for any affect on any individual’s proprietary rights which are also therefore,

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