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the Department for Constitutional Affairs which was then called the Lord Chancellors department and the evidence is on display at www.ichortrust.co.uk and it is a criminal offence to attempt to defeat a trust.

No one has ever shown any authority that obliges me and or in the alternative any other beneficiary of the ICHOR Trust, to do or suffer anything AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE in any Act of Parliament other than the Copyright Act 1911. Therefore, I have a Common Law right to use the ICHOR Trust covenant as published at www.ichortrust.co.uk and copied below to expose what is in reality theft by deception of authority and or in the alternative terrorism and or in the alternative a fraud on a duty of care as practised by Law Society members, the Crown and Crown servants, amongst others, who have all inverted their democratic duty of care contrary to all Law by operating the law in an illegal and hypocritical way that gives capitalists and the class system priority over ordinary peoples’ Common Law rights. We believe hypocrisy is the source of all terrorism on both sides of the war on terror and that western societies are controlled by terrorists attempting to maintain the balance of power in favour of a criminal ruling class and capitalist mentality contrary to law as is exposed by the ICHOR Trust at www.ichortrust.co.uk


The Police have not given me any evidence sufficient to demonstrate to this court that their camera is reliable. The reliability of such a speed camera needs to be proven by the police because it is the duty of those who claim the law has been broken to prove their argument beyond reasonable doubt.

The Police have not given me any evidence sufficient to demonstrate to this court that the highways authority has an honest belief in its authority to deploy speed cameras and or in the alternative any other street clutter such as parking meters amongst other things whilst making ordinary people suffer the forbearance of the pollution of our environment with these capitol and revenue raising forms of environmental street clutter at our own expense.

There is no evidence to show that the speed they allege can be accurately measured given no indication of the reliability of the speed measuring device.

Manchester United player, Dwight Yorke, was cleared of speeding on a technicality. The sidelined striker was accused of driving his Mercedes CL500 at 85mph in a 70mph zone. Police measured his speed on the A34 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, last March with a hand held laser gun. His solicitor Nick Freeman told Macclesfield Magistrates that although the speed gun was Home Office approved, there was no evidence police had followed some conditions of approval.

'Proscribed device'

Mr. Freeman said: "I argued that whilst the Crown proved the device had Home Office approval, there was no evidence that the conditions of approval had been complied with.

"It is a technicality of the law. A measurement made by a proscribed device is not admissible unless any conditions subject to which approval is given are

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