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(I)nfinite (C)ovenant for (H)uman rights, (O)bligations and (R)eparation




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Local and central government employees are unlawfully appropriating ordinary people’s Common Law rights contrary to law in order for public servants to maintain the balance of power in favour of state institutions and organizations contrary to ordinary people’s Common Law tradable rights according to Curry v Misa (1875) L.R.10 Exch. 153 because a Common Law Right is tradable property and therefore the right in question may only be subject to a mandatory statute given full and proper royal Assent that states exactly what a person must do and or in the alternative suffer at their own expense.

In reality to be invited to attend court for an alledged speeding offence when the Police have not given me any evidence sufficient to demonstrate to this court that their camera is reliable and that they have seen the MANDATORY Authority the Highways Authority need to rely on for authority to place camera recording equipment in the streets and that we must suffer the forbearance of such camera recording equipment AT OUR OWN EXPNSE.

Criminal ruling class terrorists rely on tyranny and putting people under duress to make them comply with; their illegal ruling class hidden agenda and other criminal activities that have infiltrated government institutions and organisations world wide and they knowingly and deliberately ignore citizens’ contractual rights because to avoid breaching peoples’ rights even though it causes serious damages to property forces the burden of cost down to the less well educated and that is terrorism and theft and fraud on a duty of care and fraud unravels everything flowing from it.

By the establishment attempting to hide for at least 4 generations the fact that rights are tradable it now only takes one clearly written letter to expose them as corrupt because they then all close doors and refuse to answer letters which is just what we want in order for them to perform acceptance of our offer.

Criminals that have infiltrated government ensure citizens are given an inadequate education contrary to Human Rights and Misa v Curry 1875 by failing to ensure ordinary children are taught the fundamental and extremely important basic principles of contract and law at school whilst the rich get richer stealing more and more property (rights) from ordinary honourable people who are simply victims of criminals attempting to maintain corrupted old and build new corrupted institutions and organisations that enable them to continue to siphon off more money from the public purse at the expense of honourable taxpayers contrary to Law.

The ICHOR Trust covenant is legally binding on each and every body natural and or in the alternative corporate that has knowledge of the ICHOR Trust covenant irrespective of any other consideration whatsoever. Those who have knowledge of the ICHOR Trust covenant include, amongst others, the Law Society, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Queen and the Department for Constitutional Affairs and others. Therefore, all crown servants and those exercising the duties and obligations of the crown have vicarious liability under the ICHOR Trust covenant that is legally binding on them and which only terrorists and other criminal mentalities would attempt to knowingly and deliberately breach and yet the Office of the Prime Minister and first lord of the treasury is in breach of our offer to it.

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