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Obviously, I cannot be forced at my own expense to visit other peoples’ areas to view something I have a right to see and, therefore, authorities must be sent free of charge. As I have a Common Law Right to see authority that takes away my Common Law right then I may also charge as much as I wish for going without being shown that authority to make me suffer the loss of my right AT MY OWN EXPENSE AND THE COURTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK IN HOW MUCH I CHARGE AS A FEE for going without being shown authorities I have a right to be shown.

If for any reason whatsoever an AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE AUTHORITY is not shown within a reasonable time and the 40 days we allow is much more than reasonable. Then, if those who rely on an authority for an honest belief but can’t remember it or find it or admit the truth is that it does not exists within 40 days it is clearly obvious they cannot have an honest belief in its existence and are thus criminals committing theft by deception of authority and may even be terrorists because they are damaging other peoples property, rights being property and possessions.

An inability by Central Government to show legally sustainable authority, upon which Government departments and agencies MUST rely, is also evidence of fraud on a duty of care and corruption by Central Government top dogs.

Honest belief in authority

For Central Government, the Queen, amongst others, to be able to legally sustain that they have an honest belief in an authority that complies with the law according to the Theft Act 1968 S2b that authorises them to appropriate our right to legally sustainable replies AT MY OWN EXPENSE they must be able to produce it. The Queen is not exercising her Common Law duty of care that is to defend the Common Law and the Judiciary too often fail to do so without authority.

Failure to produce authorities is all the cause and grounds we need to exercise our duty of care to carry out further investigation to protect our beneficiaries from CONTINUING to suffer fraud and corruption of authority designed to steal citizens rights in order to keep wealth flowing towards the criminal ruling class terrorists mentalities.


Governments inability to produce authority it must rely on to have an honest belief in that authority is evidence of CORRUPTION AND THEFT BY DECEPTION OF AUTHORITY that is also A FRAUD ON A DUTY OF CARE amongst other illegal criminal behaviour THAT MAY PROVE TO BE THE ACTIONS OF TERRORIST GROUPS OPERATING WITHING GOVERNMENT WHOS AIM IS TO SERIOUSLY DAMAGE ORDINARY PEOPLES RIGHTS RIGHTS BEING PROPERTY AND THE POSSESIONS OF THOSE TO WHOM THEY BELONG because rights are the sovereign property of the people to whom they belong in our Common Law Democracy.

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