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Popham’s conflict of interest between Crown and Citizen’s rights appears to have continued until the present day. Evidence of hierarchical theft is an inability to produce strict and literal authority for acts and omissions in question and a major conflict of interest in a democracy is that judges have sworn allegiance to the Queen, amongst other things, which is clearly contrary to ordinary peoples rights because judges should be swearing to uphold the Common Law Rights of Citizens instead of attempting to maintain the balance of power in favour of a criminal ruling class terrorist mentality attempting to steal and thus damaging ordinary peoples’ rights contrary to law.

Due to Sir John Pophams obvious conflict of interest with his Common Law duties and obligations in that he wished to retain his head that Elizabethan Crowns were not averse to decapitating. Therefore, he ensured he kept his head by being of financial value to those Crown heads even though it was contrary to law for him to twist the law in favour of them.

All Lord Chancellors are duty bound like the rest of us to exercise a duty of care by knowing the authorities they must in law rely on when but which in reality do not exist and are likely to show a crystal clear and massive FRAUD ON A DUTY OF CARE that enables establishment criminals to siphon money out of the public purse into their hierarchical systems in an attempt to maintain their doomed financial status.

We see no reason why we should not untangle the mess left behind by Sir John Popham and every Lord Chancellor since him by invoking the sanctity of contract and contracting with the Queen, the Prime Ministers’ Office, the Home Office, and the Department for Constitutional Affairs for CONTINUING TO GO WITHOUT OR RIGHT TO BE SHOWN AUTHORITY THEY MUST RELY ON.

In this country we have all been living in a democracy now for over 4 generations and that is more than enough time for the damage Sir John Popham caused to have been repaired. It is clearly a criminal offence to continue to operate the law in an hierarchical manner with judges swearing allegiance to the Queen contrary to people’s democratically gained sovereign rights and Human Rights. Therefore, Judges should be swearing to uphold everyone’s’ Sovereign and Human Rights which is the opposite of their present oath of allegiance to the Queen. Public servants are servants of the public and the word civil in Civil servants comes from the Latin civus meaning citizen (public). And they are both the servants of the people who are therefore, their masters. Thus, the Establishment are so confused they think they are more important than us when in reality they are our servants not our masters.

Rights are property and possessions worth much more than capital when anyone may charge more than any capitalist hierarchical terrorist mentality could possibly afford to pay for any breach of any right and all rights are sovereign rights.

The Department for Constitutional affairs now carries the duties and obligations of the Lord Chancellors Department and it should be unravelling all knowingly and deliberate fundamentally and extremely corrupt fraud on a duty of care that is proven by the Law Society, Crown Prosecution Service, the Courts,

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