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(I)nfinite (C)ovenant for (H)uman rights, (O)bligations and (R)eparation




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authority within 40 days as is our right protected under contract as explained below.

Rights are both Property and Possessions

The ICHOR Trust Covenant is stated below and the ICHOR Trust Covenant protects my right to charge a fee of £900 thousand million million (pounds sterling) for each and every breach of my rights on an individual basis because my rights are my tradable property and, therefore, my tradable possessions there being no legally sustainable argument to the contrary as is shown at the web site www.ichortrust.co.uk by various government departments clearly failing to produce authorities they must in law rely on and, therefore, be able to produce within 40 days.

The Theft Act 1968 S2b refers to intangible property, and rights are both property and possessions being stolen from me by the Queen and/or the person who intercepted her mail because we have not received a legally sustainable reply and the judiciary have sworn allegiance to the Queen and now there is a clear conflict of interest in the judiciaries’ duty of care to defend the Common Law.

The Office of the Prime Minister and first Lord of the treasury and the Department for Constitutional Affairs have also failed to give us legally sustainable replies even though we contract and the High Court has given us obiter dictum that this is an ingenious application of contract that forces a return to the basic principles of contract.

Meaningless Summonses.

Evidence of a twist in the law is made clear by use of the phrase “Contrary to”
The nonsensical wording on Summonses and NIPs could be fundamentally due to the fact that since Sir John Popham became Lord chancellor, who incidentally is alleged to have committed highway robbery to finance his legal studies just as I claim the police are doing in a tyrannical manner by threatening to endorse my licence with points based on evidence gained in an illegal manner according to the Theft Act 1968 S2b and my Human rights, amongst other rights, by forcing me to comply under duress of losing my license and my job due to what is in reality criminal behaviour of the police and prosecution services who have no honest belief in their authority because they will not be able to produce as we have already proved at www.ichortrust.co.uk any authority for changing the Common Law meaning of contrary to into something that makes sense in a Summons.


Sir John Popham, did knowingly and deliberately twist the law in a fundamentally extreme and corrupt way so as to gain favour of the establishment and capitalists of the day namely the Elizabethan Crown. Sir John

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